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Endelman has distilled the decades of liberating teachings of Dr. Glover into an instantly engaging roadmap to become a more confident, powerful, free version of you. –Dr. Aziz Gazipura, author of NOT NICE

40 Years of Wisdom

Discover why men all over the world continue to call the work of Dr. Robert Glover a “big stick upside the head.”


Dr. Glover earned his Ph.D. in marriage & family therapy at 29 years old.


Dr. Glover is a pioneer in men’s coaching and a seminal figure in men’s self-improvement.

Educator & Speaker

Dr. Glover leads workshops & seminars, and delivers keynote speeches at events across the globe.

In the world of self-improvement, there is perhaps no other book that has impacted the lives of men as profoundly as Dr. Robert Glover’s No More Mr. Nice Guy!  Published in 2003, it has been a beacon of hope for countless men who have struggled to find fulfillment in life and in love.

While Dr. Glover is best known for No More Mr. Nice Guy!, his other work is no less enlightening. In 2012, he created Total Personal Integration (TPI) University, which is home to several popular online classes. Then, in 2019, he published Dating Essentials for Men, which gives men the tools they need to overcome self-limiting beliefs, develop better social skills, and date more consciously.

Fans and followers of Dr. Glover might also be familiar with his vast library of podcast recordings, Q&A forums, articles, worksheets, and other resources for both men and women. 

Dr. Glover’s teachings on an array of subjects have never been publicly available in one place…

Until now.

Written by Tony Endelman, who credits Dr. Glover with changing his life, The Big Stick encapsulates nearly 40 years of Dr. Glover’s groundbreaking work as a marriage and family therapist, a dating and relationship coach, an educator, a public speaker, and a seminal figure in men’s self-improvement.

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Through his books, online courses, podcasts, workshops, seminars, and consultations, Dr. Robert Glover has changed the lives of countless men around the world.

Published in 2003, his groundbreaking book No More Mr. Nice Guy is still passed around by practitioners and recommended on reading lists as the definitive work on modern male behavior. By writing No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dr. Glover may have singlehandedly put an end to the days when downtrodden men had nowhere to turn and suffered in silence as a result. 

Dr. Glover’s other work is no less enlightening. His Dating Essentials for Men books have helped thousands of men develop more confidence and date more authentically. His online courses have helped men get their minds out of the much, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, and find their passions.

The Big Stick covers all of Dr. Glover’s best work and more.

The Big Stick is truly a man’s guide to (almost) everything. Inside, you’ll find life-changing wisdom from Dr. Glover on Nice Guy Syndrome, Masculinity & Femininity, Attraction, Dating, Relationships, Sex & Sexuality, Heartbreak, Success, Happiness & Well-being.

Written by Tony Endelman – one of Dr. Glover’s elite certified coaches – The Big Stick also contains personal anecdotes, enlightening case studies, and actionable, life-changing advice.

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